Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A wee bit o' head...

So I've been werkin' the rigormortis out of my swingin' my axe through as many beasties as I come across. That, and landing a couple of fine lasses 20 GP each. Sure, Miles O' Flanagan, brother to another member of the party who once went by the name Seamus, took four fer the same price...but I do have a 'grufness' about me that weeds out most of em.

So anyways, the Chimera went mad, though as it was locked in a cage and paraded through town it made sense. A three headed beast the Chimera is, though I focused on just one. The blue dragon head reflected off my axe as a swung into the beast a few times, and tore it up.

On my second swing, I was heard to shout, "I'll give that dragon head a smile from ear to ear!" This raised quite a chuckle among the party. But I persist in saying that my interest in the beasties stops with a little slice n dice, and throwin' their carcass on the fire pit for eatin'.

I took it's head, had it treated, jarred up the eyeballs, and added it to my trophy collection: a set of lizard king horns and a Dire Boar's tooth.

I just hope I don't get a case of dire crabs from that random bit of sweetness I let myself into, aye.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Crag has been resurrected by his tried and true friends, and is once again hacking his way to glory! Recent victim: the Lizard King, with a devastating 41 HP chop. Yeah, I took his fuckin' horns, baby! Read more at !!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


...yeah, in the form of a red splattery chunky mess, that was not made in New York City like everybody's favorite salsa. Fighting valiantly, he separated from the party in a barbarian rage. He had to deal with a couple of dire weasals, with a little help from the rest o the party. But in the end he was surrounded by birdmen, shot a couple of times with a crossbow, and clubbed to death like a poor Alaskan baby seal, or so one sullen witness recalls. How will Fallon handle this? Will she leave the comforts of he whorish, doinatrix world and seek vengence for her dwarven man? Or will she bury her grief in as many random strangers as she can wrap her beautiful gams around? there another ally of the late Crag Skullbugger that will sally forth in his little-but-mighty-dwarven steps?! He may have gone down for the dirt nap, but he fought valiantly when little hope was to be seen!

Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm achin' for a piece o' yer bacon!

Some words from Crag to his spell-thief of a babe, Fallon:

Oh aye, now there's a good lasse! How'd ye like ta take a jaunt with me into the bowels of some hell-laden, werm-infested place a few months journey from here? I hear tell that the township o' Saint Rose, once the picture o' health, has become mired in the ignorant filth o' some carpet-baggin' bastards, and that there be a secret of brain-bustin' perportions down in the depths of some ill-begotten, long-forgotten dungeonous cavern deep beneath it's skitterin' skin! I've most recentley become the owner of some scripted scraps of vellum, some 'scurvy mutt' of late had stashed at the Feral Dog. I'll send ye the notes, so that ya can read im to this poor illiterate, but fiercley intimidating war-hammer of a love-machine ya call yer man!

More comin' soon... . . . .

Saturday, March 11, 2006

My babe

Here's my woman Fallon, better n' any pint of ale anyday, savin' my bull-headed arse from another predicament!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fightin' Tongue

Yeah, it was a close one, but this beastie got the picture right quick!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

A few years back...

A sketch this half-elf beauty drew of me, when I was but a we lad of 21 years. And it goes without syaing that she took much pleasure from my bald, rugged dome. Oh, the songs she sang...

So, It Begins

Crag's the name, ya lousy pukes! I'll show a thing or two about axin', if ya cross me. Otherwise, buy me a pint and I'll tell ya the whole bleedin' story...